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Starter at lager temp

Is it ok to do a starter at a lager temp? I am brewing a 10 gallon batch of pilsner next mon. So far I have done a 2 quart starter out of one yeasts vile. I was planning on stepping up 2 more times. Would I be able to just step up it up right to 2 gallons at 50 degrees from my 2 quart starter? And would 5 days be enought to time to ferment out before I do a 2 day cold crash to decant?

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Bryan in the above post believes in having the starter at the fermentation temp of the beer.

He uses a minimum of a 1 gallon starter and 2 packs of yeast.

With your 1st starter, I would go to 1 gallon from there ( or more).

Its not because i think it will make better beer its because my first starter went a little wild and leaked on the counter a bit. I was at work and the wife was threatening to throw it out. I am not wanting to push my luck at this point. My garage sits about 50 degrees and am wanting to basically make a 2 gallon starter outside if I can get it to ferment out in about 5 days.

I make all my starters at room temp. You’re growing yeast, not making beer, and yeast grow better at warmer temps.

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