Start your Wyeast 1214 starter 2 days ahead of time

Hey all. Brewing a Belgian Golden Ale and using Wyeast 1214. I heard that 1214 was a notoriously slow starter so I worked some flexibility into my brew schedule. Activated the smack pack and 6 hours later it was MAYBE SLIGHTLY swollen. Pitched it into a 1qt viability starter and 24 hours later it had done nothing! 48 hours after pitching into the starter it was bubbling. Pitched it into a 3 gal OG 1.074 batch at 65F and 24 hours later it was chugging along. Take home message - give the starter a couple of days for this yeast to wake up. Doing so will let it “hit the ground running” when you pitch into your wort.

I pitched at 65F, held it there for about 24 hours, then let it free rise to 75F. I plan on letting it get no warmer for the remainder of fermentation. No over the top banana or bubble gum smells yet.

I’ll keep you all posted as to how it turns out.


Most the time i use vials of yeast. And create a yeast starter. Even smackpacks. Do create a starter. About. 3 days before brewday than cold crash. On brew day. In morning do take out of fridge. Seems to work.

Just bottled. Final Gravity = 1.011
Tastes very good. Clearly needs some conditioning time, but should turn out really excellent.
My previous point is that when using Wyeast 1214, consider making a starter 48 hours prior to pitching as opposed to 24 hours.

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