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Starr Hill Northern Lights IPA

Wife and I had dinner at the little seafood bar in a Wegman’s Grocery Store tonight. It was surprisingly good. They had a Charlottesville, Va beer on tap. Star Hill Norther Lights IPA. I really liked it. It’s a very well crafted beer with no flaws that I could detect. Really nice citrus floral aroma and taste. Well bittered but not harsh. Very easy drinker. I went to the brewery website and they basically posted the recipe. I’d love to brew it but Falconer’s flight hops are kind of hard to come by I guess.

@dannyboy58 Here are some Falconers Flight

I’ve used them a few times and feel they are best suited as a complimentary hop.

Wegman’s in VA? That’s great. They started in Rochester, NY about an hour and a half from our summer home. No serving beer in the NY stores AFAIK. They do have a great selection of beer though. I go in for a loaf of bread and gallon of milk and come out $50 light.

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Yea this one opened about 5 years ago. I think they’ve gotten pretty popular around northern Virginia. I like the store but I hate going there because they have a horrible parking lot and it’s really hard to get in and out.

Thanks Loop!

It’s just 55 ibu which is more like a pale ale really. Tasted a little more bitter than that to me.

They list Falconer’s Flight, Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade & Columbus as the hops. I figured I’d bitter with magnum and maybe do 20 minute addition with these hops. Then a bunch of late hop bursting and dry hopping.

Their grain bill is 2 row and caramel malt so I’ll jsut use my go to pale ale grist bill of 2 row, some vienna or munich and a little c malt. About 6.2abv.

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