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Starr Hill Grateful IPA

I’ve been hoping to run across Starr Hill Brewery’s Grateful Pale Ale on tap and finally did yesterday.

It wasn’t a bad beer but I didn’t order a second.

On the brewery site they give the ingredient list and the hops are Chinook, centennial, topaz and cascade. I use cascade and centennial a lot in single hop IPAs and I think I know Chinook from my Arrogant Bastard clone.

Definitely picked up on the centennial and cascade nose and palate.

After a google or 2 I figure the topaz contributes the dankness and slight ‘cat urine’ aroma? I’ll put that one on the list to avoid using.

Good to know, I’ll have to watch out for kits that contain it. :cheers:

Grab one and try it yourself! Some folks like that funky flavor/aroma. Some say they don’t pick up on it the same way. Everyone’s palate is different.

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