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Star San

New brewer here, mid-way through my 1st week of my American Wheat kit that came with my equipment. Had a question about the Star San…how long will this stuff keep? Would I be able to keep say an extra 5 gal bucket of it for a month while my fermentation is ongoing and use it as I go? I wasn’t sure if that would be fine as long as I kept it covered. Thanks!

It is good to use as long as the pH of the solution remains at 3.0 or lower. I store my solution in one gallon jugs and a spray bottle for convenience. The spray bottle was designed for pesticides. It will not degrade in the Starsan acid solution.

I’ve purchased pH test strips to periodically check the pH. Test strips are available at homebrew shops especially if they have wine making supplies.

Here is a good link about the ‘cloudy’ question that comes up often. ... rt-103337/

Just don’t store it in an aluminum vessel; it’ll strip the oxide coating right off that baby.

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