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Star San & Kegs

I read that star san does not agree with stainless steel, that since it’s an acid based cleaner it does not play nice with metals. After a PBW soak, I have left my kegs slightly pressurized with a small amount of star san for longer periods of time just to keep them sanitized prior to use. Is this a bad idea?

Where did you read this? I’ve never heard of this but have kept SS in my corny’s for days at a time with no problems.
I do know that it may react with some types of plastic bottles if left to long…they leak. AFAIK, it’s safe for stainless steel but if your info comes from SS, I’d like to hear it.

StarSan is fine in stainless. Maybe you’re thinking of bleach which will pit stainless?

I know that bleach is a definite no-no. The description I read states metals, but upon further reading now it describes softer metals and that generally higher grades of stainless steel (read: food grades, like in carboys) would be fine in dealing with phosphoric acid.

Sorry fellas, should have read further before posting such a question.

I haven’t had any problems, but I clean after use and sanitize before use.

If Starsan caused problems my kegs would be melted by now.

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