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Star San Dilution Ratios 5 gal. to 1/2 Pt

i know this information is probably on here already, its not hard to do the math; however i just made up this handy chart for myself so i can stop making 5 and 2.5 gallon batches and stretch my star san supply out longer. figure this might help someone, so here it is:

First off 1 oz of star san to 5 gal of water is the recommended ratio, i have broken it down to 1/2 pint. i have a little syringe that measures 1/10th of a ml to 3 ml i use to measure out my star san, got it from the vet it think.

One gallon = 128 oz, 1 quart = 32 oz, 1 pint = 16 oz

One oz = ~30 ml (29.5)


Gallons/////////////Half Gallons///////////////Quarts/Pint
5 - 30ml////////////4.5 - 27ml/////////////////3 qt - 4.5ml
4 - 24ml////////////3.5 - 21ml/////////////////2 qt - 3ml
3 - 18ml////////////2.5 - 15ml/////////////////1 qt - 1.5ml
2 - 12ml////////////1.5 - 9ml//////////////////1 pt - 0.75ml
1 - 6ml/////////////0.5 - 3ml////////////////0.5 pt - 0.375ml

This just became a bookmark for me… and because I’m lazy I’ll assume it’s right

Copied, pasted, printed, added to bob’s brewday beer book.


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