Stains in the brew kettle

I used a stainless steel brew bot on an electric stove to make my extract kits.

After yesterday’s boil, i found a burnt spot on the inside of my pot on the bottom.
I was brewing a Sweet Stout with a late addition of Malt Extract. I may not have stirred fast enough?

So my questions are…Is my beer going to taste like crap?
And…should I get that pot totally clean before using again or does a little “char” add to the flavor of futre beers?

Probably not but you won’t know for sure till you try it. RDWHAHB

I’d clean it if it was mine.

A little char in the wort probably won’t hurt. I would scour the stain.
Remember to remove the pot from the heat when you add extract. Just turning down the heat isn’t enough, remove the pot from the burner.

Thanks fellas.

I did move the kettle off the burner to add the extract, buuutttt…I think my problem was that I dumped the remaining extract in slowly, trying to really get it all out (i did warm it first), and ended up letting it sit on the bottom before I even started stirring. Rookie mistake, live and learn. It would have only been there for 15 minutes of the 60 minute boild, so hopefully don’t notice the taste.

I will use some easy off to clean the pot, and then rinse the heck out of before next use. Thanks again. This forum is a life saver for new brewers like myself.