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Anyone ever order from

Yes. They’re reputable.

My experience with them is not good. Credit card charged on 10/5 and only received one third of my order. This violates their own policy that states they only charge your credit card when they ship.

Did look at their page. Nice pricing

Really? They shipped my stuff out really quick. Is it out of stock or special order? Have you contacted them?

It was out of stock and he said they were three weeks out, but that was four weeks ago. If they don’t answer my last email in the next few days I will let the credit card company deal with it.

I think that’s fair. I did see recently they have a job posting so they may be short handed.

Yeah did see that as well. Think the prices a fair. Aaa no big deal. Three or four weeks. I wait. Normaly longer to get my stuff on island. Fedex shipping. Two weeks. For example

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