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Stainless steel mini-keg

[attachment=2]beer keg 2013 012.JPG[/attachment]Here is my new invention. Food grade stainless steel mini-keg. Hope you like it. Chain is stainless for carrying and bling factor!!

Parts list?

That looks bad ass. how did you do it? How much does it hold? How much did it cost to make? :!:

$22.00 plus tap, plugs etc listed in the article on 5.1 litre kegs in this website. The tire filler was $8.95 with 2 cylinder cartridges.

The keg is 12.375 x 6.5 inches diameter x 3/32 thick. The chain will make it easier to carry full!

I got the cylinder from a food equipment manufacturer’s cot off pile! Polishing as per directions on most websites. The cylinder was purged so the inside would be ultra smooth with no weld inclusions or oxidization!

the keg will be pressurized after filling with an air chuck on my large CO2 tank and the bike cylinder equipment will be used to add as needed when in use. An air gauge will be used to keep at 10 -11 psi and the tire valve can be bled if too high a pressure caused by me opening valve too long when CO2 is needed. I know a better system could be used but for $8.95 for bike system you cannot complain too much! I went stainless so I do not have to worry about rust or any pressure issues. Unit has been water tested at 11 psi and now needs beer which is in the system getting ready! More later if any interest shown!

So you are saying the parts are not available through normal retail vendors?

The parts are available through vendors regarding the lines and plugs but the tank is special and hard to source as most shops that sell pipe want to sell the complete length which is very expensive. I had a connection which allowed a cut off piece at a great price. Most shops do not want to deal with one off special pieces. A small company is more flexible especially if the shipper is a relative through my son-in-law! Now you know how I scored a deal!

The ends came from a stainless steel scrap piece from a refrigeration company! I cut the ends out and viola, drill holes and prepare inside surfaces for welding. After welding buff down the whole thing 2 times and finish polishing with two types of jewelry rouge

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