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Stainless Steel 40oz water bottle as a growler?

Have any of you guys used one of these Stainless Steel water bottles as a growler?

Lifeline 7502 Silver Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle - 40 oz. Capacity

Not a bad price for $21 - seems like it would work out better than glass.

Absolutely. I use a 21oz Hydroflask a lot for beer and coffee. Works great. I also have the 64oz Hydroflask.

It’s okay. It’s hard to see when it’s filled, especially if there is any foam. I like it for home brew, but I’ve never used it for commercial beer because you could get shorted. The Hydroflask does stay cold without ice. I’ve gone about 20 hours, and it was still cold.

I use a 22oz ss bottle from time to time. I like it! Sometimes glass isn’t appropriate so it works much better than plastic.

I bought a 64 oz (half gallon) insulated stainless water bottle this summer, the same brand as the one you linked. I have not used it for beer yet, but I did use it all summer out in the garden and on multiple canoe trips. It worked very well. One day, it sat out in the sun all day long while I worked in the garden. I went to take a drink, and the outside metal lip was hot enough to almost burn my mouth, but the water inside was still icy cold. Excellent.

The Fifty/Fifty brand was the least expensive that I could find. I ordered a Hydroflask brand one before I found the Fifty/Fifty. I compared the two once they both arrived, and even did a side-by-side test with ice water. The Hydroflask held temp a tiny bit better - but the difference between the two bottles was still only about 1.5 degrees after 8 hours in the sun.

Go for it! A glass growler will never hold temp like this will. :cheers:

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I’ll just throw in another endorsement for these. They are amazing at keeping things cold (and therefore, more carbonated in most cases). I filled my 64oz one with ice water shortly after purchasing when going to a brewday as I couldn’t find my water bottle. This was in mid-July and it was an 85 degree day. Forgot about the growler/water bottle. By the end of the brewday (+/- 6 hours), there was still ice in the thing. Giddy up.

Also, just saw this thread, bought a 22oz one on Amazon with a flip top lid. I have no self control.

Nice thanks for the reviews guys - looks like it would be a good bet to have in addition to some glass ones.

Hydroflask is highly recommended, you will love it. I am personally a big fan of it. The 40oz hydroflask stainless steel water bottle is not only easy to clean and easy to carry. Whether it is summer or winter, the insulation effect is quite good. Although the price is more expensive than other water bottles, when you open the package, you will know that everything is worth it.

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