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Stainless conical

Just continuing this topic. If say I had the money what conical would be recommended. I generally brew 5 gallon batches. I use to brew do bigger batches but prefer variety. Anyway I generally have more than one going at a time so any suggestions? I suppose I could convert some kegs to Brite tanks.

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I’d seriously look into the SS buckets… Like the one our host has… Sovereign… I got the Anvil, well 2 of them… I did a couple of mods… one I cut the pickup tube off so it leaves behind a half gallon… Yeast and trub stuff lies down there… The other, I sweated a 1/2" stand off in place of the airlock… I am able to push the brew out using CO2… I’m very happy with my set up… Short of a tree falling on them, they will last as long as I will brew. Sneezles61

I almost had my wife convinced that I should get a SS Brewtech fermenter so I could do lagers without swaping ice bottles… then I realized that the cooling system I could afford needed ice. My wife, being awesome, suggested we stick a fridge in one of our 2 apartment closets… but then I’d have to figure out what to do with the kids bikes… and endless loop of moving stuff around… I gave up

Wait until the kids are gone… Then you have a faux brew room? Sneezles61


How do you pull off the trub?


I don’t see a big advantage of a stainless steel bucket over plastic bucket still have a cake to contend with. A plastic conical has advantages over a bucket but not the longevity of stainless just cheaper. Now I could see the brew bucket for a Brite tank

I pull the brew off the top off the trub/cake…racking arm… I have mine in a freez-mentor ( fancy name for a freezer with a controller) … I can tell when its done… Turn the controller down to 30*… wait a few days… then time to rack to the keg from the port… When thats done… I’ll pull the lid off and gently scrape some of the yeast off the top… If its conservation… The SS buckets will last… If it about being ideal… It will be the last one you need…Its just like the big shooters stuff… yet way more economical… Sneezles61

I’ve been looking at the spike brewing conical for over a year. They have a new line called the flex conical. Looks pretty sweet

If you are into DIY look here I made mine from one of their hoppers a long time ago. The basic 12.2 gallon now is $205. You will need a lid, all of the fittings, some kind of stand and someone who can neatly weld SS. It appears the hopper is the same or very close to what Morebeer makes theirs out of. I buy the gaskets from them for the lid. I used basic copper ball valves for both the sample/harvest top and dump on the bottom.

@Grantmesteven I looked at the Spike conicals. They are sweet. You could spend a months salary on one with all the cool accessories to add on.

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Yeh really

I like the concept of the stainless conical but I have 6 bucket fermenters full atm and no kegs to rack to so…not economically feasible for a lazy brewer like me.

Sounds like you need to enjoy some of your product! No sense hoarding it, but I’m 14 hours of hard driving away, …dang it!

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