Stabilizing Beer for backsweetening

Have a sour stout that I’d like to backsweeten/blend with some belgian dark strong as it’s a bit too sour and dry on its own (thinking of getting at something along the lines of 13th Hour stout). Will then carb it up in a keg and bottle.

Would the procedures I usually use to stabilize mead (1/16t k-meta & 1/2t k-sorbate per gallon) work the same in a soured beer? I know it’ll stop yeast, but will it work on bacteria like lacto as well? Does the higher ph of beer compared to mead have an effect here, ie. do the amounts of k-meta and sorbate need to change as well?

Any experienced sour brewers/blenders have methods/techniques for what I’m trying to achieve here?


I have not tried that, but I do know that pH Has a big effect on how effective Ksulfite is. Above pH 4.0, you need to add a lot to make it work. But normally it is more effective on bacteria than yeast. K sorbate is the other way, I don’t think it has any effect on bacteria.