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St. Paul Porter on a 1056 Yeast Cake?

I am brewing the St. Paul Porter today and was planing on using the SA-05 with it. However, due to my procrastination, my Dead Ringer IPA is ready to rack to secondary. I used 1056 for that batch and it has done well. Question is whether I should pitch directly on the 1056 cake, or just use the SA-05? I also have a Black IPA kit I could pitch on the cake? So many beers, so little time!

I wouldn’t hesitate to use the yeast from your other batch, assuming the beer tastes ok, however, I would only use about 1/3 of it. Rack your dead ringer, swirl up the yeast in the fermentor and pitch some into your new batch. I do this all the time. Its a great way to save a few dollars.


Great! Thanks roffen!

If you don’t want to save the yeast, split the cake and do both beers. US-05 is a great yeast to have on hand in case of fermentation stalls, or reyeasting at bottling time.


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