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St Pattys day

got a corned beef and a bottle of Tullamore Dew from which I’ll crack the seal later. I’ll boil the corned beef in beer and put it on a sourdough I made.


A good Irish whiskey and a corned beef sandwich. Sounds delicious.

Drinking some of our Whetstone Lager currently. Since we are shut down for carryout growler and coffee sales I figured I would get a couple kegs. The other being Susie, our NEIPA.

Why the name Whetstone? (Curious former Ohioan)

Pretty laid back one here. Had a couple stouts, watched my son’s theater company do a live reading on the web, The Cripple of Inishmaan. Very funny. Then watched some of the Dropkick Murphy’s livecast from Boston. Always a great show but weird without crowd noise and singing along. The wife and I sang along on a couple and the dog thought we’d lost it.

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History indicates that the Olentangy River was actually referred to as Whetstone River by the local Native Americans in the area, but was accidentally named Olentangy by Ohio General Assembly when they attempted to return the River names to the original Native American names. In addition, Whetstone is a very popular reference in the area. There is a Whetstone High School, an area of a Clintonville referred to Whetstone that is off the banks of the Olentangy River, and numerous others.
Our Whetstone Lager is an easy drinking continental lager that has a great balance between malt while providing some hop bitterness and aroma. What you would drink while boating on one of our local lakes/rivers or canoeing down the Olentangy River.
Kinda a long explanation. I apologize.

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