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SS Brewtech to offer Electric options

Just got an email from SS Brewtech they will be announcing some “modular” products for electric brewing very soon. Should be interesting to see what they came up with. Maybe I will hold off with my Induction setup until I see what the Brewtech options are. Hopefully they will have a more standard heating element rather than a custom single source.

Their equipment looks fine… They are also proud of it too, hence the bit higher price tag… I wouldn’t baulk at buying their equipment… I do do value shopping… Thats why I build stuff, and I’m not sure a cookie cutter approach to the way I see using equipment would fit me so well… being left handed and all. :smirk: Sneezles61

Yes I like their stuff. I have their kettle and the 7 gal brew bucket fermentor that I really love. Just racked a batch of Irish red from it yesterday and the bottom valve is positioned just right to take the beer and leave the yeast and stuff behind in the lower cone shaped bottom. Cleans in about 2 min. I think I am done with the plastic for now.

It will be interesting to see what Brewtech has in mind for their electric equipment. I still like the option of being able to use either electric or propane.

My modified Kama citra ingredients arrive tomorrow so I will get to try my cereal killer to crush grain for the first time. Also substituted some standard hops for some new super “cyto” versions. Higher alpha acids I guess. Beer smith shows I will still be in an acceptable IPA range so we will see how it tastes. Collecting my RO water now. Hopefully brew this weekend if the weather is reasonable.

It sure sounds as though you are all tooled up over there! I just got and employed the Anvil fermenting bucket… It was even easier to crop yeast off it this AM… I will be looking forward to another one… someday… Sneezles61

I got that email too. Hopefully the price is a little more competitive than their 1bbl system! Nice stuff but $16 for the 1bbl is a little steep for most.

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