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SS Brewtch Conical Fermentor

I have a new 7 gallon conical fermenter from SS Brewtech. It does not have a way to dump the trub. Should I be racking to a secondary or is it
OK to leave in there the entire time because the trub will drop to the bottom and theoretically be exposed to less of the beer.

Are you in a controlled fermenting chamber? I wouldn’t worry too much for a couple of weeks. Usually when I’m done with the primary ferment, I have no problem letting the brew sit on the yeast cake for another couple of weeks, and most times, I will set the freez-mentor to 32… Allow the yeast to drop, so I can either harvest for a re-pitch, or, put in a one gallon jug with a 2" beer cap on it for use on another day… Sneezles61

You have a conical or a brew bucket? I’m assuming you have the brew bucket. Treat this the same you would a bucket/carboy.

OK, so lets revive this one… Kinda hijacking it… This is my adventure for this winter… A conical fermenter with glycol chiller… I see the Brewtech has all that I need… I watched their video on their chiller its self… I have a piece of equipment that will work just as good as their gizmo… Tell me about your system, if you use this type, not necessarily the brand its self… Then I saw the bright tank stuff… Mini brewery in my future? Sneezles61

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