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Spunding valve build

I was awake last night thinking about putting together a sounding valve to naturally carb my kegs or at least store the kegs carbonated. Here’s what I’m thinking. Use some hose and splitters to hook up 2,3,or 4 kegs to one valve then as I add a new keg to be carbonated I’ll throw in some sugar I won’t even have to be that accurate. Then charge the keg with 15psi and hook it up and let nature run it’s course. I’ll have the valve set at 15psi. Anyone care to critique this idea

Yes I would… thank you very much… Why not keg where your 2-5 points within terminal gravity… I like the idea of a spunding valve and what you could accomplish with it… I would get the “accuracy” of carbing down first, then work on doing more kegs… This way, you’d save CO2… Now, does warm carbonation act the same as cold? Sneezles61
Cask conditioning… I forgot that part… Which I’ve done many of…

Kind of what I do now but without the valve it’s just a guess as to carbonation. Generally I’ll release the gas on the primed keg an equalize with my tanks but like you say that’s wasting gas. I looked at the chart and at 65 I would have to set the valve at 18 or 20 psi for English styles. I’m thinking what blows off the carbonating keg would maintain the aging kegs. This way as I sample the co2 would be replaced. You see I am lazy really

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Not really lazy. More like smart. I had forgotten about spunding valves but they make perfect sense to me. Especially for krausening. Add some wort back in, seal it up and forget about it. More traditional with less ingredients. Cost effective too.

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I was just throwing a dart at the broad side of the barn… Now you 2 make it purrrfectly clear! Let the brew(s) finish in a keg, while its hooked up to a operating keg… This is something I will tinker with once I finish my tap room downstairs… Simply simple… Sneezles61

I do warm carbonation for about 3 days. Set to 20psi. After. 3 days inside kegurator set the keg to 6 psi. Wait 4 days and ready pours a perfect carbonated beer

But is it once you carbonate the keg at 15 psi and you wait. The beer does get carbonated by the 15 psi. Co2. Or am i wrong

Thats what is being tossed about… naturally krausend beer… Either by priming or finish up fermenting, but with the use of a spunding valve so as to not over carb, AND using some hose, tie more kegs together… Even push brew out of a tapped keg… Thinking that the CO2 tank would last longer… Sneezles61

If I understand your question just charging the keg with 20psi will add some carbonation to the beer it will get absorbed of course but you would have to add more co2 every couple at 20psi if you want to get it fully carbed outside the kegorator which is the theory we’re working at. Alot of aged beer are aged in the bottle naturally carbonated. What I’m proposing is a simpler way to mimic that in a keg. I’ve aged good beer in bottles and opened them in a year and they are over carbonated it’s a waste. The system I’m thinking about maybe you could bottle off some beer as needed and toss them in the fridge. Might be something people without room for a kegorator could do. I ordered a adjustable blow-off valve. I probably have the other parts laying around so I’ll get this going soon. Oh no now I’ll need to brew some more beers


I just watched a beer smith article with John Blichmann and Chris White and it was on pressurized fermenting… They used C. Pastouriuos yeast… Interesting info… I’ll be interested where you’ll lead us on this endeavor… It should work. Sneezles61

Not planning pressurized primary fermentation just secondary. I do secondary in kegs now but I’ll generally just run a blow-off tube on the gas post or release pressure every few days then force carb.

I follow you, was pointing out the “new” greatest thing to use for brewing… Per Se… Sneezles61

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