Spilled Yeast- Should I add more

Had a mishap brewing this weekend. Went to add my liquid yeast and when opening the package it flew everywhere. I added what was left to the wort but by best estimates had about half the package remaining to add (5 gallon batch). Even so, Fermentation has been going pretty strong for the past 2 days. So my question is do I have enough in there to handle the fermentation. I will not be able to get additional yeast for another 3 days. Should I add it anyway? Will it be more detrimental than good? Thanks in advance for your responses.
Not sure if it helps but ABV is expected to be around 6.8%

You’ll be fine.

Perfect, Thanks :cheers:

Like fightman said, your fine.

The yeast will multiply to the quantity that they want to be at. You may not have added the “optimum” amount. But they will do the work that needs to been done.

By the time you bought a new packet, the original ones will have done most of the work.

First, the obligatory statement that you really should be making a starter with liquid yeast. Had to throw that in there.

Anyway, although you almost definitely underpitched, adding more yeast at this stage won’t change anything. You will make beer. If you see signs of a stuck fermentation later, swirl the yeast and warm it up a bit. In fact, might be a good idea to do that anyway when you see fermentation starting to wind down.

You’ll make beer. RDWHAHB.

Any negative effects from underpitching would usually happen in the first couple of days of fermentation if they’re going to happen at all. I say ride it out - adding more yeast isn’t going to do anything at this point.