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Spiked seltzer

Has anyone tried this yet? I see options, one, to ferment out water and table sugar…? The other just adds vodka to water… The second doesn’t sound like much, if any effort… Then some flavoring of sorts too will be needed to either of them.
My wife counts calories… So, she will have a small glass or 2 of beer, then switch… She does have those spiked seltzers when out for cocktail hour… Sneezles61

Infuse some vodka with home grown fruit with or without sugar. You can use honey or agave also. Then keep a keg of water. Bottle off the keg. You can make it low cal no sugar or sugar substitute

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So if there is 640 oz the a keg, then a half gallon vodka would be like a mixed drink… 1:10 mix? Or am I too weak? I haven’t drank a mixed/hard stuff for over 30 years. Sneezles61

Mix it in a glass to check

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If you figure approx 50 12oz beers/drinks whatever, 50oz would be one shot per 75 a shot and a half so a half gal would be right in there.

I cannot drink any of the commercial varieties…nasty.

Wife will find some fruit today… Will get some vodka and give it a try… I wonder if I should filter my water… get a little set up from the hardware store… Sneezles61

How did this turn out. Sounds simple enough. Maybe even using flavored vodka.

If I wanted to dilute 80 proof/40% vodka to 5% (percentage from experimental brewing podcast) I would need to mix it 8:1 right? So .25 gallons of vodka and 2 gallons of water.

Four loko has a 14% hard seltzer!!!

I would choose rye moonshine over vodka for this project if it was mine. Love that rye

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