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Anyone. Has been brewing with. Carrot seeds. As a flavor

Oh they are so tasty…. after they grow…:slight_smile: Just an opinion… Sneezles61

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Same thought here. Did see a recipy

I am from the camp of, beer should try resemble… beer! Sneezles61


It is rare that I enjoy a beer with any sort of spice in it. Coriander in Wit is fine. Seed of paradise? Maybe. Can’t think of any other examples where it makes the beer better.

There’s a local cardamom barleywine out here that every time I have it, I can’t decide if it’s interesting or disgusting. Probably the closest to successful spice addition that I’ve seen.

For some reason, chai tea is becoming a thing… lots of porters and wheats with chai tea added. I don’t get it.

Just had a apricot chamomile pale ale. It was terrible. On top of using gimmicky ingredients the finished product was ugly, super cloudy and had so much floating crap in it that I would have been embarrassed to share if it was one of my homebrews.

I have had one beer with chai …awful.

Even the name shouts, “stay away”.

My friend gave it to me. Someone gave it to him. Said it was terrible but maybe I’d at least like to try it. In the spirit of adventure I gave her a whirl. Had to wash it down with some quality homebrew. Forget the brewery but it was somewhere in MI

I had to look this up… “Scary Jesus Rock Star” from Dark Horse Brewing. I like Apricot and all, but it looks goofy.

Yeah that’s the one. It’s uh…different. I remember seeing a thread about ugly beers commercial breweries are proud of awhile ago and this definitely fits the bill. But back to the spice thing, it might have been somewhat drinkable using chamomile (not my thing) as long as the presentation wasn’t so garbage.

I couldn’t stand a chia pet many years ago… Then my wife says… Lets try some chia tea… That didn’t work either … I threw that crap out, in the garbage… Ours was the only one not bothered by the bears a few years ago… Now in beer? Someone should have their tongues covered in… something disgusting… Any replies? Sneezles61


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