Sparkling cider....what level to carb to?

I brewed a Brewers best pear cider kit about 3 weeks ago…and was curious as to how many volumes I should carbonate to when it’s ready?

If just bottled one and I’m shooting for at least 3.5.

Whoa that’s high! I shoot for 2.7, the upper end of most light lagers.

How sweet is it? Bone-dry cider I prefer with higher carb, 3.5-4.5 volumes assuming you’re using champagne bottles. They’re so thin from the low terminal gravity that the added carb helps with the mouthfeel. Sweet ciders have enough body where you can carbonate them at regular ale levels, 2.4 to 2.7. That’s just my preference, though.

I like cider dry and sparkely. People have said my cider was champagne like which is the way I like it. I bottled in beer bottles at around 3.5. Maybe I should try to get some champagne bottles.