Southern Tier Old Man Winter "Old Ale"

This beer is good. Malty with a good ABV (7.5%) and I like the fact that a brewer is making an Old Ale.

The first sip is odd because it actually seems like a bitter that is at about 3.5% abv or less, and then a few more sips and the malt starts to catch up with the rest of the beer. I have a feeling this deception will reduce as it is aged, but it tastes so good I have no intention of letting it age right now.

I love IPA style beers but I am not buying them lately because they are everywhere and its becoming more difficult to get a craft brew that is not the style of an IPA now (I went to one bar that had 30 craft brews on tap and 14 of them were IPAs or variations of IPA) So I am quite pleased when I find an old ale for sale in my local grocery store.

You need to save at least three bottles. You’ll forever wonder how it might have been if you don’t.

Right. If it wasn’t long aged (like a year or more) before bottling, it’s really not an Old Ale anyway.
I agree with you about IPAs…I still enjoy a good one, but most commercial ones do nothing for me. A lot of them (including a couple of highly hyped ones) are very good examples of very bad brewing technique.

Love bells third coast old ale…and founders old curmudgeon…delicious.