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Source for Mosaic rhizomes?

I’m kind of obsessed with Mosaic at the moment. Thinking ahead to the spring, I’d like to add Mosaic to my hops… has anyone found a source for Mosaic rhizomes?

Unfortunately, it’s PVP. It’s a great hop, but you won’t find it anytime soon. Hops breeders are fiercely protective of their proprietary varieties.


Oh, let me add, if you do find some don’t post it on the internet. Some lawyer might start calling. And send me a cutting if you do, that stuff is the bomb! :grin:

Well, if you see a news story about somebody getting caught trespassing in Yakima with a shovel and root growth hormones, it wasn’t me :slight_smile: I honestly haven’t looked into this at all, how long are varieties proprietary? Can we look forward to Simcoe this decade?

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You’ll need a white impala car. Seems it is the most popular car in the US, they won’t be able to find you once you git the roots! Drive like you… well, stole it! Sneezles61

This is interesting stuff… apparently, the breeders get exclusive rights for 20 years. Which means we might get Simcoe in 2020ish, and Mosaic in… 2033? Oof.

Thats quite the wait.

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