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Sour Stout

I just tried my chocolate stout and it tasted sour , carbonation is slow (bottle conditioned for 4 weeks now ) would coco nibs in the secondary cause this or could I have an infected beer?
All Grain
9.12 lb pale malt
1.45 lb chocolate malt
1.45 lb crystal malt
1.34 lb flaked oats
3.17 oz black barley
2.25 oz cascade hops (60 mins)
1.13 oz Cascade hops (15 mins)
Wyeast 1764 (rouge PacMan )
2 oz coco nibs in secondary

tried 3 diff bottles all the same little carbonation and sour taste !!

Is it an extract, or all grain? What water did you use? Hopefully it is not infected. Give it a couple of weeks and see if any of the “sour” flavor has conditioned out.
Good luck.

Without details it’s hard to tell what happened. Have you tried other bottles? Did you taste it when you bottled it?

How did you sanitize the nibs?

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