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Sour porter

Made a nice kettle soured Porter last year only 1 bottle left. I really enjoyed it and next up I think I’ll do another. It was my straight up rum barrel Porter soured. Anyone brew one looking for ideas.

nope… Sneezles61

How about a sour pumpkin Porter. Might work

I’m sure you’ll give us an update ? :grin: Sneezles61

Maybe if you add a little peach puree?

I did a sour porter on tart cherries a couple of years ago, really enjoyed it. I think the next one I do I’ll get a 1-gallon pinot noire wine kit and add that to secondary, maybe with some light oak cubes.

I have a can of blueberry puree sitting on the shelf that I intended to use for this purpose.

I just added 2 bottles of Pinot noir at kegging for my sour cherry saison. Was nice.

You know you like traditional brews. The English country folks and also American colonists used pumpkin in their beer all the time. The beer was also slightly sour. That’s really what I’m going for. Tart really. I’m not into super sour. Yet anyway.

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