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Sour pickle beer

I’m looking for some help or advice on creating a sour pickle beer recipe. I tried a sour cucumber beer in New Orleans about 2 years ago and my wife fell in love with it. I’m just not certain on how to achieve this. Anyone got any ideas?

You best tug on Pork Chops chains… Sneezles61

Why is that?

Is it the cucumber or the pickle flavor yor wanting. I brew a cucumber Berliner Weisse thats pretty simple . If your looking for the pickle just add fresh Dill. Your grocery store should have it in the produce section. For the amount i couldnt tell you how much to use. Other than canning and cooking with it. I have not tried adding it to beer. Its a interesting idea though.

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He’s quite knowledgable, along with a few others on the mastery of many things sour… Sneezles61

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@porkchop is one of the most knowledgeable people on here in regards to sours and typically jumps all over questions like this. Give him some time and I bet he’ll chime in. :innocent:


Sounds good.

Don’t forget about using a bit of pickling spice! Make your own blend with spices like coriander, bay, cinnamon, etc. and maybe skip things like mustard seed. It’s a really nice spice blend when you take out the things that might not be so good in beer. How about a sorachi ace dry hop along with a bit of fresh dill? If you really want to funk it up, start a batch of fermented dill pickles and use some of the pickling brine to make a lacto starter. I’ve done it before, and you can really grow up some fast souring bacteria pretty easily from pickle brine.

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5 Gallon
OG: 1.030
FG: 1.005
IBUs: 6
ABV: 3.2%
4 lb German Pilsner malt
3 lb wheat malt

Mash low 149 sparge and collect 5 gallons. Do a short boil 10 minutes just to kill any unwanted microbes. Cool and pitch Wyeast 5335 around 110 in the kettle. Try to keep the temp between 100 to 110 there for few days. If you have a ph meter use it and allow it to get to 3.5 3.7 ph. If you dont no worries 2 to 3 days at the above temp will get you close enough. While the wort is souring get 2 pounds of cucumbers peel them and dice them up and frezze them. This will kill any microbes cause were adding them in the primary.After you soured do a second boil of 20 minutes add
0.5 oz 4.2% AA Hallertau Hersbrucker at 15 minutes and cool and pitch WLP029 German Ale/ Kölsch Yeast. Thaw your cucumbers and once fermentation has slowed add the cucumbers. Allow 7 day with the cucumbers They will float so every now and then shake gently to keep them moist. After fermentation has reached final gravity keg bottle and carb.

Sweet! Thank you

Sounds good! Thanks.

Would you just add the brine to secondary or something? Trying to get an idea for the base beer I would brew for this.

No, sour it first. I think the logical base beer for this is a gose, something with a bit of salt. Around 1.040 OG (dme is fine), no hops until after souring if you use any at all.

Found this article about pickle beer. Its got some helpful info and is interesting read;_ylu=X3oDMTBybGY3bmpvBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1530772040/RO=10/

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