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Sour Beer Link on CNN

Sorry for the past couple posts just being links to stories but the only reason I noticed this story was because I was bored looking at the bottom of CNN’s page.

Somethings never make it to the top… if you’re interested: ... hpt=hp_bn8

That was a pretty good article, and their list of recommendations is decent. I had a couple of sour beers at a recent public tasting and 99% of the people had never heard of one, and most liked the flavors.

Thanks for sharing this link! My husband is getting into sour beers, whereas I’m not sure I’m in love as so far most of them strike me as straight lemon juice and I can’t get past that. We have a uberbeergeek friend that shared a bottle of Russian River Consecration with us… hmmm… I didn’t care for it, can’t remember if my hubby liked it (we were camping and I was rather distracted trying to pull off a 4-course dinner in the dark with a big buzz on, but it all turned out well and I didn’t faceplant into the fire :o ). I want to try more of them, hopefully starting out with ones that are considered mild so I can develop my palate.

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