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Somewhat new to brewing, Orginal Recipe Comments

This is my second batch of home brew ive made, I made a batch a couple years ago but then my wife sold my setup at her garage sale. Im doing all grain, and came up with this recipe on my own, its nothing fancy but I would like to get some peoples thoughts on how this will turn out (Been fermenting for about 5days). Im to impatient and want to have a better idea of what this will be like when finished than my newbie thoughts…
the recipe is as fallows:

4lbs Red Wheat
4lbs 6-row
2lbs Honey Malt
1lbs Biscuit Malt

Mashed at 160 for 60 mins
Boild time 1hr
Hop additions:
.5oz summit pellets 50mins
.5oz summit pellets 7mins
.5oz cascade pellets flame out whirlpool

1.5 orange peel added 30 mins

im going to dry hop .5oz-1oz cascade and .5-1oz perle…

OG was 1.050
pitched yeast (Starter) at 66 degrees
super active fermentation within hours lasting two days.

any suggestions,recommendations, criticism? anything would be helpful (just remember this is my 2nd batch ever, so please don’t get super hateful, its fine to be a dick but just not outrageous)

wth did your wife sell your $hit?

other than that, my suggestion would be to ask for suggestions BEFOREHAND. I’m picturing this as I type…“hey, you don’t mind if I sold your beer crap at the yard sale today, do ya?” :expressionless:

With that much honey malt it is going to be undrinkable. A very little of that malt goes a long, long way.

And you mashed WAY to high. Which will make it not very fermentable. So with those two things you will be will extremely sweet.

But hopefully I am wrong. I just don’t see it that way.

+1 to muddywater’s comments. Not to mention the amount of biscuit malt. Read the last few chapters of Palmer’s “How to Brew”. It should point you in the right direction for recipe formulation.

You won’t get much from the orange peel at 30 either. Move it to either a 5 minute or flameout addition.

well I got nervous, broke down and opened it up and took another gravity reading. its at 4.2% and its only the fourth day into fermentation (hoping for a 6-6.5% when done) so the fermentation part thankfully worked out (so far, may not be the target but at least some). Ill have to check out that other info provided… thanks… like I said im pretty new to this and all I find online ever is forums… I also tasted it after gravity reading… it has a decent balance between sweet and bitter, more on the sweet side tho. Overall after checking (which im aware is a no-no) its definitely drinkable, might not be the best in the world but im positive it wont be the worst lol

and the orange peel is not noticeable at all so next time ill definitely move it to 5 mins or flame out… thanks again for the advice/info.

You could probably still add some fresh zest. Zest an orange or two splash it w/some vodka to sanitize and start the oils extracting, then into the pool with the hops.

You should probably work from recipe for a few batches before you jump into making your own. I admire your drive, but learning how others have gotten the flavors you’re after will make your own recipes so much better.

Well good news for me the abv ended up right around 5.5% … Bottled 8 days ago, went ahead and sampled one and while its a little sweater than I planned (but not to much sweeter) its still delicious… Now on to the next… Brewed a coconut cream stout last night. Wort tasted amazing, can’t wait for it to be done

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