Sold: 3 Tier Folding Brew Stand

I have owned this stand for about 3 years. I designed it to be a folding 3 tier structure because I needed something that I could store in the corner of my garage. I had a local welder construct this stand to my specifications out of 1.5" x .0125" thick angle iron steel. I later had that same welder modify the stand by widening it to accommodate a larger kettle on the bottom tier and add a second folding shelf to use as a work station (the welds to widen the stand are visible in the middle of the frame). It has been a fantastic brewing tool. However, I recently was able to free up some garage space and have that same welder building me a single tier brewing stand. As a result, this wonderful stand is up for sale.

A little bit about it:

The frame is 23" x 23" wide. The 4" casters (2 of them swivel and have brakes) are kicked out a bit from the frame to add stability. The two second tier shelves are bolted on and fold up into the frame as shown (the folded picture is pre-modification and only one shelf is shown). The legs are fixed in place when in use with steel pins. When in the storage position, one of the pins on each side holds the shelf nearly flush with the stand. As a result, the storage footprint of the stand is about 24"x24". The height is roughly 5 feet or maybe a bit less. The casters add about 6" to the height

On the front of the stand along the bottom frame, there is a 3.5" x 3.5" steel plate on which I have mounted a march pump (pump not included).

Two Bayou Classic banjo burners (rated for 220,000 BTU according to the manufacturer) are included with this stand. Each burner has a windscreen and functions well. The burners are plumbed with 3/8" black pipe with individual ball valves to adjust the flame or shut the burner off. These burners are currently set up to run on natural gas. However, they can be easily modified to run on propane. I have the hoses, orifices, and regulator to convert the stand back to propane (although there may be one small part that I have not accounted for yet, but which should be cheap to pick up—this is the male flared fitting that connects the black gas pipe to the propane hose. If you wish to keep it set up for natural gas, please know that the jumper hose to connect the stand to the gas connection is not included.

I am currently using this stand to brew 10 gallon batches. I have a 20 gallon kettle on the bottom tier and had to put small notches on one side of the frame to get it in there. So if you want to go larger than a 20 gallon kettle, you would need to run the boil kettle on the top tier and the HLT on the bottom. Because the pot supports are set close, you can pretty much go down in size on the kettle to whatever you need to do within reason.

Unless your brewing area is elevated, you will need a pump to brew on this stand. The bottom tier is about 10" off the ground. So while you can gravity feed all the way to the boil kettle, you will need a pump to get the beer to the fermenter. I had a pump to whirlpool. So I designed the stand to be compact and never worried about a 100% gravity set up.

Condition and Build. This stand was built to last be a professional welder. It is not made of old bed frames (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It weighs a couple of hundred pounds and can support a lot of weight. It is painted with high temperature gloss stove paint, which has held up very well. The pot supports obviously have paint missing and some surface rust. If you paint these, you’ll end up with nasty residue on the bottom of your kettle. The flame is just too hot and it’s best to just leave them alone. There are a few other spots on the stand with very mild surface rust. It just needs to be hit with a wire brush and touched up with stove paint. I do this periodically and will probably give it a once over before the sale.

What’s included: The stand, the casters, the burners, the windscreens, the mount for the march pump, and the black pipe gas plumbing.

What’s not included: Everything else.

Location: Tyler, Texas (about 80 miles east of Dallas on I-20).

Price: $700 OBO

Remember, this brew stand, although in great shape, is used and, therefore, is sold “AS IS.” Pick up is the buyer’s responsibility. I wouldn’t begin to know how to ship it. I would probably be willing to deliver it for about $0.80 per mile within 75 miles of Tyler, TX (75703). But I would want payment in full in advance if I were to do this to eliminate any possibility of negotiation after I had traveled any great distance. I have attempted to describe this stand to the best of my abilities. However, I am not an engineer, a welder, or a brew stand expert (though I play one on TV). If you have any questions please ask . I will do my best to answer them or will tell you that I don’t know the answer to your question. Thanks for looking !

I have more pictures I can email if need be. Any questions, please email me at dnortonames (at) yahoo (dot) com

Did you get rid of the boat? Looks like it’s taking up two spaces.

Nope. I still have the boat. We moved one of those big shelves to the other side of the garage, got rid of the other one, purged a bunch of junk we don’t use and will be adding some floating shelves above the brew stand, the chest freezer, and two small refrigerators that will be stacked for cold storage. Basically, that whole wall will be brewing equipment and some boat gear.

Yes, the boat is taking up two spaces. Cars live in the driveway. :smiley:

I guess you don’t get cold and snow. Around here, cars live in the garage; the boats (canoes) live in the shed and yard.

Yeah, if it snows around here, it isn’t for more than a day or so. I’ve tried storing the boat outdoors. It just gets beat to death by the sun and rain. I can run the car through the car wash for a few bucks a week and it still looks new.

Not sure why I didn’t include this picture earlier. This is what it looks like folded up. There’s another shelf now, but it folds the same.

I love that fold up idea. I have a picture of you stand in my wish list from about 1 1/2 years ago. I don’t know where I found the pics. Maybe you posted them on one of the other forum questions? I would come and get yours but KC to TX is a little too far to go.

Practically a day trip. Come and get it. :wink:

If you ever decide to build it, I would be happy to help you out with what I have learned on this build along the way.

Sold. Thanks for looking.