Hello all. I’ve been looking at purchasing brewing software to help make my brewing life a little easier. I know there’s a lot of different ones out there and I’ve looked at some older threads, but wanted to see if anyone had any updated information on what they prefer. Was looking at beersmith for the ipad, but the reviews at the site are terrible. Have also looked at brewer’s friend as well. Just wanted to see if anyone had any new and improved information on the subject. Thanks!

I do have Beersmith both for my PC and my iPhone. I don’t use the iphone app for anything other than syncing my current recipe to the cloud so i can have a hop timer for that specific recipe while brewing and while measuring out the ingredients in the palm of my hand. I do all recipe work and any note taking or record keeping on the PC version. I imagine just having the iphone/ipad version to do all the work would be quite tedious.

I also don’t use all the features of beersmith like the inventory management stuff so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of those features but for recipe formulation and record keeping I love it. Add in the syncing to the iphone for timers and its a super versatile tool.

I would second Beersmith. I would suggest NOT using Beer Tools Pro. I picked it awhile back, and I picked Beta, not VHS.

I use Brewtoad(it’s free) which was Hopville once upon a time. I’m happy with it.

Thanks for the suggestions. Much appreciated!

I use my spreadsheet. It has everything I need all on one sheet. See my website under recipe.