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Soda Keg CO2 Charger

Hi All,
I want to bring a corny to a party coming up and was wondering if the chargers listed on our sponsors website work well. Would it allow me to simply bring the keg and picnic tap and dispense? NB claims its ease of use and simplicity. Was wondering if anyone has experience with it.
Thanks, Mike

Yes they work ok. You might not get the best pours since you can’t really get/keep the pressure right where you want it, but overall it works out pretty good and it’s very simple. I usually try to keep the pressure in the keg relatively low so it pours fairly slow and that helps out with foaming issues. Also the larger 16g CO2 cartridges seem to fit into the charger better(at least mine). When using the smaller 12g cartridges I’ve had to add something to the bottom of the charger(like a folded up piece of thick paper) so the cartridge fits tightly in the charger.

Thank you for your response. So would you suggest purging the corny maybe a day prior to the party and prior to hooking up the charger?

What I’ve done in the past is leave the keg pressurized(around 10psi which is my normal serving pressure) until I’m ready to start serving. At that point I release some of the pressure, probably getting it closer to 5psi. And then I only add co2 using the charger when the pour starts to get very slow. I use a picnic tap with 5 ft of 3/16 line. If your tap has less line you may need to keep it really slow, either way just plan to spend few minutes/pours at the start to dial things in a bit then you should be good the rest of the night. Once you get it pouring good try not to move the keg around and just add co2 a little at a time when needed.(Probably a good idea to tell all the other party-goers to leave the co2 adjustments to you, otherwise you’ll be changing cartridges every other pour and the tap will be running like a foamy fire hydrant)

Sound, sudsy advice, thank you.

You can always make a koolerator too.

I drooled over that set up, thanks for posting it again :slight_smile:

Do you have a spare reg? I would just buy the adapter and run a small paintball tank.

I would (I did) drop the coin for a new regulator and do the paintball tank route. Much easier. Cost will work out better in the long run. And you have an emergency back up tank at home if your main tank goes dry.

I don’t see one on NB’s site. So here is a link to MW. ... -2-go.html

Cost analysis on this.

CO2 charger. $21.99.
Pk/6 CO2. 10.50

pro: initial out lay is low.
con: someone over charging the keg. 2-3 CO2 cartridges needed to dispense a keg.

2nd regulator $50
Paint ball tank $10 ( check your local paintball shop for an old steel tank)
adapter $16.
Tank refills are around $3.

Pro: You set the CO2 level where you want it, no over carbonation. Back up tank for your main tank. 1 tank will dispense 2-3 kegs.
Con: Initial cost.

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