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So simple a caveman can do it

I guess it’s true caveman’s drink of choice. 'World's oldest brewery' found in cave in Israel, say researchers - BBC News


Pretty cool. Love to see the “born on date” on the bottle :grinning: Funny they call it beer then in the article say it’s noting like beer.

More of a beer pate’. The beer glass would not be invented for thousands of years yet. So they brewed it thick like that so they could shovel it in with a stick. Very clever inventing beer before utensils they had there priorities. Actually maybe they served it as a dip with their chips. Great snack while watching the mastadon hunt on Sundays

Now thats great info… Bread or beer… which one came first? Beer! With the spent grains left over I’ll bet they thought," why not make something to eat so we don’t too hammered!":grin: If you can find the video “how beer saved the world”, is fun to watch Sneezles61

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