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Snapped my vapor lock

Hi Im new to the board and to brewing. I started my first attempt at making hard cider today and like always turned a simple process into a project. I prepped and filled a 6.5 carboy with 5 gallons of cider, poured in the yeast and pushed in the vapor lock. I checked back to admire how awesome the whole thing looked on my counter and noticed the rubber stopper had slid up and almost out.

When I tried to push it back in it cracked the bottom of the cylinder which you fill with water. The center tube is still fine and after topping it back off with water the little float is still functioning properly. The water that leaked simply filled the top of the stopper.

My question is can I switch this out with a new one tomorrow after I get out of work and can stop by the home brew shop? Should I purge it with Co2?

Thanks for the help.

I was wrong… Its broken. I know its a bad thing to do but can I put a balloon on for the night until I get another vapor lock tomorrow?

Just put some aluminum foil over the opening until you get the airlock tomorrow.

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