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Smoked Schwarzbier

I am wanting to make a smoked Schwarzbier for this spring/summer grilling season. I am just looking for a hint of smoke, nothing over the top. What do you think of this recipe?

4 lbs Pilsner
2 lbs Rauchmalt
3 lbs Light Munich
.75 lb Carafa II
.5 Crystal 60.

1/2 oz Galena 60 min (26 IBUs)

Your has 20% rauchmalt, so that may give you more than a hint of smoke but certainly less than “over the top”. It’s also less than our host’s which is at 30%. I say go for it.

A bud made NB’s several years ago and it was too smoky for my tastes, but he loved it and thought it was just perfect. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that “flavors” are very subjective.

I say go for it.

edit: not so sure it will be Schwarz, but probably more amber-brown. You may need to add a 0.25 lb of black or chocolate to darken it up.
edit2: i recommend wyeast 2206 too. great lager yeast. produces smooth, clean, thirst-quenching lagers. It’s my “house” lager yeast and I’ve used it in several schwarzbeirs, bocks, and other dark lagers. It’s really a nice yeast.


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