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Smoked chipotle porter?

I saw this on the NB site. I stumbled on it doing a search and can’t seem to find it with the regular kits.

Any info/insight on this one? Something about a smoked chipotle porter would sound like a wonderful winter beer to have around the house.

There are two kits this is one of them. ... n-kit.html

And the other ... e-kit.html

Now it’s showing up among the other kits.

That looks mighty tasty. I have no choice but to order it. :cheers:

Yes, finding it twice was a sign.

We are tapping a firkin of Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat tomorrow at a local bar. It contains ancho, chipotle and jalapeno chiles and chocolate. Can’t wait to try this, the low heat and hint of smoke should balance the vanilla sweetness nicely. We’re setting it up tonight and driving the spile, then tapping tomorrow. I think they’re getting $3/pint, very reasonable. And I get to tap the thing!

Ordered smoke bomb, saison de noel, and a tripel. Hope to brew my RIS and Lord Fatbottom soon, too. :cheers:

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