Smoke Bomb BBQ

I made the Smoke Bomb Imperial chipotle porter, aged it for 6 months…then
Take a pork roast, rub with a good seasoning. Chop an onion, put into crock pot. Add pork roast. Add 12 oz Smoke bomb porter. Let her go for 12 hours or so. Add sauce as desired.

The porter gives a little chipotle kick and a sweetness to the finish. My wife won’t let me cook bbq without it anymore.

I made a smoked amber one time that had way too much smoke. I too used it for cooking, BBQ, and smoking meats.

Always delicious for me…I love to eat smoked BBQ specially “Chicken Tikka” Beef Kabaab " etc.
We used to do smoke BBQ with our friends and made lots of fun…