Smelly mead


I have started a 5 gallon batch of mead ( new to brewing ) and was concerned about a few things. The Ingredients include 15 lbs of honey, 1 gallon off blueberry wine base and 16lbs of fruit toped of to 6 gallos with spring water. Starting OG was 1.118. I used lavlin EC 1118, Added yeast, yeast nutrient and yeast energizer the first day, then after 24 hrs I added peptic enzyme ( meant to add the first day) and another dose of yeast nutrient/yeast energizer and bentonite (thought would be a good idea). 24 hrs after that I added the last does of yeast nutrient/energizer. I steered the batch for 6 days total to break the cap and off gas/ aerate the melomel. Little nervous about what I did? Did I do anything wrong? The room up until now the mead was in in smelled good, like berries. Now it smells strong, what does/will it smell like if it is a bad batch? Can there be something done if it is? Should I have done anything different? Help I need reassurance lol

Thanks alot peeps!

Anyone have any recomendations

Sounds like you are some what on the right track. You have a lot going on in that batch. I would have hit it with a dose of campden and waited 24hrs prior to pitching. But, staggered nutrient feedings was a wise choice and are very important with high gravity meads. As long as your sanitation was good stirring daily should be no problem. I would have gone without the bentonite, but thats just a personal preference.

thanks you have been a great help to my post!!!:slight_smile: I feel alittle better now!