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Smashing Pumpkin Spice amounts?

Just curious how many people would reccomend adding to or doubling the amount of spices called for in the smashing pumpkin extract kit. This is going to be my next brew, and looking through the comments it seems many if not most seem to be adding to or even doubling the amount of spice…Thoughts??? would using fresh or from the can pumpkin and the extra 6 row have effect on the amounts of spices added in anyway?..Sorry if this seems like a noob question, just dont want to over spice my batch…also have not heard much as to the effect of yeast starter on this brew, im sure it cant hurt just want to hear from those that have done it. Thanks for filling me in.

I’ve never brewed that kit but I’d suggest you brew the kit as is. If you add more or double the spices and it turns out overpowering, you can’t undo it. If it turns out underwhelming you could sprinkle a bit pumpkin spice in your glass when you pour one and bump it up the next time you brew it. That’s the beauty of this hobby, testing batches.

The pumpkin you use shouldn’t matter, just make sure it doesn’t have spices or preservatives in it if you use canned. The 6-row malt is to convert the starch in the pumpkin and will provide little in the way of flavor or affect the spices. Remember, NB likely brewed many pilot batches of pumpkin beer and released the best.

As far as the yeast goes, a starter will never hurt a beer, so if you’re using liquid yeast make a starter. If you’re using the dry yeast with the kit no starter is needed.

I’m not a big fan of pumpkin beers but the ones I’ve had that I liked were subtle on the spice notes, they didn’t taste like pumpkin pie.

I’m a fan of extracting your spices into a vodka tincture. Then you can add it to taste at bottling/kegging. Takes the guesswork out of it.

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