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Smashing Pumpkin PM & Late Malt

I’ve done a couple batches of the Smashing pumpkin as partial mashes, and have found them to be a bit on the dark side. More of a brown ale than that nice copper color shown on the website.

This kit calls for:
3.15 lbs. amber LME for 60
1.0 lb. pilsen DME for 60
3.15 lbs. amber LME for 15

And I’m doing a partial mash of 3lbs 6-row with canned pumpkin.

So given that there will be SOME sugar in the water at the start, can I move the first LME and/or DME addition later to lighten it up? how far can I go? Maybe keep the DME at 60 and add all the LME at 15?

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