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Smashing Pumpkin Ale Final Gravity

Hey all,

First time poster, long time stalker. :smiley:

I brewed a smashing pumpkin ale (Extract kit) on 10/26/13. Brew day went without a hitch. Got an OG reading of 1.054, as specified in the kit instructions. Fermentation was very active for about 72 hours it has slowed (pretty much stopped) I took some out of the fermenter to get a gravity reading and its down to about 1.010, this is my 5th batch of beer and I know that is pretty close to normal levels.

My question is: What are your recommendations on what I should do? I plan on taking another reading on sunday. to see if it has changed.

Do you guys recommend racking it to secondary or leaving it in the bucket for a couple more weeks before bottling?

Any info would be nice.



As your stalking would reveal, the answer to your question is “yes”. 8)

I searched for a specific post to that kit. But didn’t see anything. Although I did run into a lot of posts where people recommended leaving it in the bucket. Thanks for the quick reply

It’s not a kit specific question/answer.

Some people swear that the get a cleaner beer by transferring it to a second vessel.

Others feel that the same amount of solids will drop out if you leave it alone v. transferring it.

You will have to decide what you feel works better.

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