SMASH or not?

I have a SMASH that I’m about to dry hop and looking for thoughts on:
bagging or not ?
secondary or not ?
cold crash or not ?

doesn’t hurt, but I never do

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One of the best beers I have squirreled away is a SMaSH and I stupidly didn’t write down what it is because I thought “I’ll never forget this… it’s only 2 ingredients “


Yes to BIAB, no to secondary, if it’s an IPA I don’t crash. I only crash clean beers

Think he means bagging the dry hops

Yes/No - What are you wanting this beer to be?
No - Don’t risk oxidation.
No - Per @sneezles61 (I think) :“If you don’t like the way it looks use an opaque glass.”


No to bagging the hops. I like the hops material to settle out naturally. Except if your keg hopping those need to be bagged

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Always - because I use a plate chiller

Free range hops…
No Flipping way would I secondary…
Mr. Noob… If it’s an IPA, or the such no cold crash… I don’t want to miss out on the hop aroma and fresh flavor… If it’s a not hoppy brew, I will cold crash… Seems the gents in the band like a “clear brew”… What ever… And yes a ceramic mug fixes many woes! Sneezles61

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  1. yes it will help clear the beer.
  2. yes. Very little risk unless you haphazardly rack
  3. Yes not only will it get additional hop material to settle it also gets tannins to settle

Thanks for everyone’s input.

I decided to…

Not bag the dry hops
Not to rack to a secondary
Not to cold crash.

I guess this batch just became a lot less work.