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SMaSH ferm/condition times

i’m planning on a MO/EKG smash and a Vienna/fuggle smash probably both with S04. i’m thinking ferm for 2 weeks, put in a keg with a blast of C02, condition at room temp for 2 weeks then into kegerator for a week and start sampling. Opinions are appreciated.

I haven’t done similar smashes with MO and american hops and I think that sounds great. You can probably start drinking from it earlier in the keg but it will be better in the time frame you’re mentioning.

If you are going to wait two weeks after kegging it to drink, you could prime it with sugar (if it’s at room temperature).

i’ve only kegged twice and so far have chosen not to sugar carb. What are the pro’s and con’s of this?

in my inexperienced mind i’m thinking

Pro - save a little C02
pro - can carb while conditioning at room temp
pro - will be ready to drink as soon as it cools (a day maybe?)

con - another step
con - clarity issues (?)

now that i’m thinking about it, it kinda sounds like a better plan (as long as the above is correct). thoughts?

If you have cold storage space, why not keg and lager 2 weeks before tasting?

i figure if it conditioned at room temp for 2 weeks then 1 in the kegerator and since it’s in the kegerator i can pull off as much or as little as i want and (as impatient as i am) i will probably pull off an ounce or two every few days after a week untilit gets where i want. :cheers:

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