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Smallest size freezer that will fit one Corny Keg

I am getting into kegging at this point only for the purpose of keg conditioning and carbonating beer prior to bottling. I have had too much variation in carbonation with the priming sugar, and it would be nice to be able to drink the beer in less time. I have the Last Straw and Foamless Finish gadgets, a ball lock Corny keg, lines etc. What I don’t have is the freezer. There’s lots of used ones on Craigslist in my area. Not many list the internal dimensions, and it’s not easy finding that online either. All I’m looking for is something big enough for one keg or fermenter at a time plus or minus enough space for my 10lb CO2 tank. I don’t have much space for a large freezer either. Would a 7.5 cubic foot upright be big enough? Would a 5 cubic foot chest freezer work? Thanks.

I can get 3 kegs into a 7.1, its tight, my CO2 tank sits outside the freez-mentor… I can turn the gas on and off, should I need to. Sneezles61
I would measure and buy new… chances are, it will last alot longer than a used one… Sneezles61

I’m lol-ing.
I got my first kegs intending only to force carb before bottling; I also got the last straw filler.

I now have 5 kegs, a 2-tap kegerator, and a bottle filler that I’ve NEVER used.

Forget the bottler; just get a kegerator or keezer.

My 2¢


I have an upright freezer and love it. So much easier switching kegs in and out than a chest freezer. I have a 7ish cubic foot chest freezer that holds 3 kegs and a 5lb CO2 cylinder for lagering/cold storage, tastings from a picnic tap… The upright is a 15+ year old kenmore about 13cf I think. Luckily, I had it on hand and not being well used when I decided to start kegging.

Don’t plan for 1 keg. They’re like rabbits…before you know it you’ll have 9 and still be watching for sales…thinking…yea an even dozen sounds about right…ask me how I know this…


I have a 7.1 cubic foot freezer that will hold four kegs: three on the bottom, plus on on the compressor hump. The 2 x 8 collar allows enough vertical clearance for the keg on the compressor hump.

The wooden collar is easy to drill for taps and gas lines. I have a six-port CO2 manifold on the outside of the collar with four gas lines penetrating the collar so I can turn CO2 on and off to each keg without moving the stuff stored on top (any horizontal surface is fair game for storage in my house). The fifth gas line has a gas disconnect for flushing kegs, pushing cleaner, sanitizer, and beer from one keg to another. the sixth gas line is for some yet-to-be-determined purpose such as flushing air out of the mash tun for low O2 brewing - maybe.

A 5.1 cubic foot freezer works well as a fermentation chamber with no collar. It holds either my SS Brewbucket or a keg - with no collar.

Both freezers were from Lowes, with their 10% military retiree discount. Both are controlled with an STC-1000 controller.

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Me got a old cocacola freezer fits four kegs and space for hops dme and lme. Got my co2 bottle out side. Haha yes get a biger fridge. Before you know you got 12 kegs.

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Thank you Old Dawg for your service in the military! So did you put some panelling to cover up the freezer and 2X collar? Sneezles61

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