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Small hole in my MegaPot!

So I was sparging from my mash tun into my 15 gallon MegaPot that I’ve had for a couple years now, and I see a small pool of wort on the garage floor around my kettle. Then I notice a barely visible pin hole at the very bottom of the kettle streaming wort out just above the very bottom! It looks like there is a small spot of erosion that has eaten through. I always clean and dry my equipment right after brewing, and I keep everything stored that way. I don’t have any reason to believe that it should have damage like this. WTH??! Anyone come across anything like this? I invested in this pot thinking it would last a lifetime, not two or three years.

Besides the normal stainless steel do’s and don’ts seems like it shouldn’t wear out this soon. Maybe a defect during manufacturing? Hard to say. Reach out to NB customer service.

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And if no-one will come to the rescue, find some HVAC peeps and have them silver soldier it. I would think it wouldn’t cost much to bring to their shop and get it fixed… Sneezles61

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Hey DocJ,

This sounds like it was initially defective, just took a few years to rear it’s ugly head. We don’t have that same kettle anymore, we’ve switched to the Megapot 1.2. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we can hook you up with a replacement. Just tell them that Gabe from CS sent you.

There’s a couple things to know first, if you have a false bottom from this pot, it won’t fit our current generation 15 gallon Megapot, but it will fit our current 20 gallon Megapot. We might have to charge you a few bucks if you wanted to go the route of a 20 gallon pot. Anyways, give us a ring and we’ll work it out.

-Gabe from Northern Brewer


Thank you Gabe! You guys took care of this in a way I wouldn’t expect of any other. I’ve shopped with NB for your excellent products and ingredients, but your customer service is truly world class. Much appreciated. You just retained a loyal customer!

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