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Small batch questions

I’ve got over most of my newbie anxiety but still have a couple of questions:

  1. Recipe kit calls for half the yeast packet. It kind of got away from me and probably 2/3-3/4 of the packet was pitched. What is the potential problem, if any, with “too much” yeast? I couldn’t come up with a problem or a solution.

  2. What is the downside of just starting with a blow off tube rather than an airlock? It seems the initial fermentation frequently causes krausen overflow so why not just start with a blowoff tube and go to the airlock a day or two later?


1.Though possible, (from what I’ve come across), it’s unlikely to overpitch. It usually happens when using too much of the yeast cake from a previous brew. I say don’t worry about the amount you used- it should be fine. When overpitching does occur, it usually results in underattenuation and a “clean” flavor. In the future, double-check with a yeast calculator.

2.I totally agree with you on blowoff tubes. I always use them as an insurance policy. If I don’t need it- great, but it’s in place if I do. I’ve had a few brews using the same yeast strain where one brew needed a blowoff while the other one didn’t. It all depends on the recipe. Better safe than sorry.

Welcome. :cheers:

  1. No problem, no downside.

  2. No problem, no downside.

Relax, don’t worry! :slight_smile:


And can I assume that a little krausen working it’s way into the blow off hose for an inch or two is not a problem as long as the CO2 is still bubbling out in the end into the sanitizer jar?

Just to prevent any contamination I was not going to remove the blowoff hose until the fermentation settled down and I replace the hose with an airlock.

No problem with krausen in the tube.
I generally start fermentations with the blowoff tube in.

One thing I practice…I remove the tube pretty soon after it is done blowing
just to clean the tube. It is harder to clean if it dries on.

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