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Small air line

So I am trying to build in a tap system in my existing bar. I got a built-for-keggerator fridge (EdgeStar Kegerators Beverage Appliances - BR3002)… which said that it hold 3 coney kegs… and it does, but it does not leave room for a triple air regulator (I want to keep the stouts at a lower pressure), and there is only one 5/8" diameter hole in the keggerator for an air line.

So I am trying to figure out how to do this… and one option is that I use the existing holes… and I could probably squeeze 3 lines thought the holes if I use 3/8" OD tubing…and I can get some which would still be a 1/4" ID my air lines… ( … so aside from getting transitions from the 1/4 line to my 3/8 QD’s. and the fact that 3 3/8" air lines are going to be very tight in a 3/4" hole … is there any down side by using a smaller air line?

Am I doing too much work to get the kegs at different pressures?

The other options is to drill more holes… I am asking the manufacture if there are any cooling lines on the sides, I do not want to run into those…


Is there room to mount the regulator inside? Run a stainless supply line into the box to the regulator then individual lines to the kegs?

What you can do. Indeed drill a extra hole. Or. Get a in line co2 reg. On your co2 line. What feeds to your beer keg. So you got separate. Co2 gas on your. Beerline and beer faucet. Me got a four tap kegurator. All. Beer run at same co2 pressure setting. But when i hook up a stout. I regulate the co2 pressure. With the inline co2 regulator so lower the co2. For my stout. The other beers stay at same co2

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You could very carefully ream out the hole to accept 3 lines… OR run a regular 5/16" line into the keezer then break it into 3 lines when it’s in there. You can put regulators from there to your desired pressure… Realizing having alot of control will cost money… Sneezles61

And more connections means…more opportunity for gas leaks…


I would really like to be convinced that I am not going to drill through a coolant line before we go reaming away at the new toy. I have asked the manufacture again where I can drill holes… they are holding me in suspense…

Most fridges and freezers now days only have refrigerant lines in the back panel. When I got my new one I just used a holesaw bit and slowly drilled a small hole only in the inside plastic liner where I was hoping to put the gas line through. Once through the plastic I just started picking at the foam insulation with a small screw driver until I could see my way clear to the outer shell. Once I knew I was clear of any refrigerant line I drilled the outer shell.

Pretty easy and low stress if you take your time.

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I concur, however this was the response from the mfg:

You cannot drill into the item as there are electrical wires and refrigerant lines laid in by hand at the factory throughout the back, top, and sides. We cannot advise as to where the best spot to drill into the unit would be, as this will void your warranty. Your EdgeStar BR3002 Series Full Size Kegerator Conversion refrigerator KC3002 Series kegerator is designed to accommodate up to 3 Sixth Barrel kegs. Please refer to the below diagram and photo documentation for proper positioning of the kegs.

To be fair, it does fit three kegs, and I think I can rejigger things to fit the regulator inside, it will just take some mechanical yoga.

Hey, I’ve seen some fancy pants gizmo you put your iPhone in and it can see through stuff… I never checked out the price tag …
I really like Danny’s approach… A challenge deserves an ice cold brew!! So, pour up a brew… Dabble check where you want to locate stuff… Then proceed according to Danny!! Then another brew to help"ease" you out of the task!!
:beers: Sneezles61

Yeah, but I end up drinking and then not caring.

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