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Slowing down my pour

Recently changed out the beer lines in a kegerator that I have converted. My pour is way too fast. Currently, I could fill a pint glass in 3-4 seconds. The pour is not foamy just too fast. My faucets are Perlick creamers, 6.5ft of 1/4"ID tubing, temp 38F, pressure 11psi. What needs to be done to slow it down?

You replaced 3/16" line with 1/4" which doesn’t have as much resistance. You can go back to 3/16 or lengthen the 1/4".

Or add some epoxy mixing twisters to the line. ... ixing+tips

Do the epoxy twists go in the keg end or the faucet end of the tubing?

Some people place them in the keg dip tube.

I have them at the picnic tap to keep my lines in the 3-4’ long. I don’t think there is an issue if you put them by a regular faucet.

If you put them in the beverage line by the keg, I think the liquid would push them to the faucet end.

If you have a Granger store near you, you may find them there.

You are only using the inside of the epoxy mixers. The “twist”. It will restrict the flow, mimicking a longer length line.

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