Slobber fermentation

I did the Slobber last weekend, pitched yeast at 70f. After 18hr, it was bubbling like crazy, about 2" of krausen, was at 68-70f, after lunch was still goin crazy, about 5" of krausen, was thinking of adding my blowoff hose, but temp was about 76f. So wrapped a wet towel around it, cranked up my fan, and got it to 70 again in 2 hrs. But…the whole yeast cake fully fell, and bubbling practically stopped. Its at 68f now for the past 6 days, I get 1 bubble every 10-15 minutes, if that. Took a reading tonight (8 days after pitching yeast), gravity is 1020, starting was 1050. Im assuming Ill need another week in primary.

Has anyone have their yeast fall within 22hrs of pitching the yeast??

Did you use a refractometer or hydrometer for specific gravity? Refractometers aren’t accurate when alcohol is present. The actual SG may be lower.

1.020 is to high for CS to be finished. Plan another two weeks in the primary at 68°F to get the SG down to about 1.012.


If you used Danstar Windsor ale 1.020 may be as low as this yeast can take it. I was just in this situation. My CS was way to sweet to be enjoyable when fermentation stopped at 1.019. I pitched a one liter starter of WY 1056 at high krausen. Took the SG down to 1.012. Tastes great.

edit: It was a one-half liter starter of WY 1056.

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used a hydrometer, and yes, used the danstar dry yeast for it. It has only been 1 week. calls for 1-2 in primary. I was mostly worried about the yeast cake falling after 22 hrs. My first 2 brews the cake was up for atleast 3-4 days, then slowly fell, not an instant fall.

Krausen probably dropped faster because of the warm start to the ferment. Judge by the taste for how long to leave the beer in the primary. I have always left CS in the primary for not less than three weeks. Never used a secondary for this one.

did taste it after the reading tonight. Did taste the chocolate, and a tad of the caramel, but thats it. Was planning on leaving it longer. Ive just never read or heard of the krausen falling that fast. Not that many brews behind me, so still learning alot of this.

Yep, yeast don’t read so they don’t know what we say they’re supposed to do. :wink:
But, starting that high of a temp., you really energized the li’l buggers and they worked extra hard. Hopefully they didn’t create a lot of off-flavor compounds. That’s where the next week or so will help you out. The yeast will keep working slowly, uneventfully to clean up after themselves. The extract slobber kit seems to finish around 1.016-1.018. The AG version drops down to 1.012 in my experience.
And having done the slobber quite a few times, I’ll tell you- let her sit once you bottle/package. It does take quite a while to blend and meld together. Don’t know why, but I can drink a fine stout after 3 weeks in the bottle, but the slobber seems to take about 6 weeks to get real good.

Wasnt too high when I pitched, directions say 78 or lower, did at 70. my taste test didnt have any off flavors that I noticed, besides it being flat.

6 days after my 2nd reading, still at 1020. The sample tasted about the same. Been in primary for 14 days now. Should I just let it go another week? pitch more yeast? or call it done?

With Windsor Ale yeast it is probably done. I would leave it in the primary another week just to mature and perhaps it may drop another gravity point or two.

Ill most likely do that, Im not too worried about the abv, as long as it wont kill the flavors of it.

Took another reading, yeah its only been a few days since my last, still 1020. Decided to go with the directions from the kit, to see what I end up getting in the end. I know alot dont like secondary unless your doing additions, but goin by the book and will see what happens, its in the secondary now. Only way Ill know first hand what changes there will be when I do this the next time. Ill do it the same way as this time, except Ill do a yeast starter. Read up on the windsor and it says it usualy ends at a high gravity. So figured the next batch do with a starter, using the same yeast, I should hit my target gravity.

leave it week longer than transfer to second fermentor if you use the second and let it sit there to do its thing .