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Slobber - all grain vs extract

I made an extract CS and it was awesome. I then did 3 back to back all grain versions (all 3 being complete before the first one was tasted) and they were all just OK. I had hoped with the first batch that I hadn’t done something right even though all number and calculations matched up. I’m tempted to do another extract but I’m also worried that I’ll just have another blah beer.

has anyone else done xtract and AG on this and had similar results?

I always wondered about that. Say a recipe is designed for extract and and you convert it to all grain I would think there would be differences. I don’t know but just a thought.

Well I think you need to start by describing the differences. What did you like better with the extract kit?

it’s hard to describe but the extract had a better mouthfeel, possibly thicker? Maybe I mashed too low but I followed the instructions on each to a T and got all the numbers I should have. Also, the hops seemed more a tad more pronounced in the extract.

I was really hoping someone else has done them both and either did or didn’t get similar results.

just thought of a way to describe it…Tasting a CS 2 weeks after bottling vs after 4 weeks in a bottle

Without having the recipe in front of me what did you mash at? What do you use to measure temps? Dont forget that extract is notorious for finishing with a higher FG which can contribute to both flavor and body. One thing that I remember from extract brewing was the inability to control body. Often beers had TOO much body when it didn’t call for it.

Again without the recipe, hops are hard to match without knowing the IBUs the provide. For example a recipe may call for 1oz Saaz at 6% AA. If you use 1oz Saaz with only 5% AA you aren’t going to get enough IBUs. Is this what happened? Cant be sure without seeing EVERYTHING. Brewing software would help remedy this.

There shouldn’t be a huge difference between the extract and all grain.

I’ve made both using distilled water for the extract and the Bru N Water Brown Malty profile for the all grain.

Having said that, the biggest thing you can do for the all grain is perhaps mash a bit higher and/or add some dextrin malt.

If flavor is a problem, you might also try cold steeping the pale chocolate and black malt, but that shouldn’t be necessary if your mash water is correct.

It’s definitely a beer that could use some aging, try 4 - 6 weeks, I’ve found up to 8 weeks (After 4 weeks in the primary and/or secondary) is about right for the beer to settle down.

Adjusting the hop additions to get an IBU of 37 will also help.

looking back at my notes, I mashed at 153° - so that’s probably not it.

could very well be the difference in extract finishing at higher FG

not sure if my LHBS is keen on doing the converting to get same IBU’s - possible problem there.

I’ll make another extract one day and see what happens. Thanks for everyones input

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